I own a black SE Arabian mare named Arya.

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if your saddle fits CORRECTLY you do NOT need a half pad.

in fact you should not be using it at all.

adding a half pad to a saddle that already fits a horse is like

putting on 15 pairs of socks and trying to fit your foot into a shoe that already fit…

^ but with that said so long as the saddle fits well, I don’t see it as being wrong to use a half pad to help with. Dallas had such a high wither that I would’ve had to go custom to get something to give him perfect clearance without the extra lift

You don’t need a half pad to enhance the fitting of your saddle.
Your saddle should fit your horse
Putting a half pad under a well fitted saddle TOTALLY ruins said well fitted saddle
If your saddle doesn’t fit your horse you should not shove a half pad underneath it to make it fit
HALF PADS ARE NOT A CHEAP (or expensive if talking about Ogilvy or whatever) FIX FOR MAKING YOUR SADDLE FIT BETTER
Don’t wear a half pad on your horse for fashion or trend
Don’t put a half pad under a well fitted saddle
Don’t shove a half pad underneath a saddle that doesn’t fit your horse

"Shock absorption" is also not a good enough excuse for shoving on a half pad

- referring to half pads when used to enhance saddle fitting, which I PERSONALLY believe is wrong -
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Women Warriors series by maxre

A women only archery competition in North Japan.

(via bitter-notbetter)

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RFR The Iceman (RFR Polar Star x I Ofthe Flame (by Flaming Streak))

Owned and shown/raced by Resolute Farms Racing

An other purebred arabian with blue eyes. This one has primarily Polish and Russian bloodlines and interestingly his sire line goes back to none other than Patron*. He was primarily bred for racing. He has raced and I believe is now being trained for dressage and endurance. I think he has also been in some Halter Futurity classes.

He is presented as a Sabino, though his markings could also suggest splash, especially given the blue eyes, which goes back to what I said about being unsure of the status of splash in the Arabian gene pool. (If anyone has any recent information please let me know)

19 hours ago
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